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Julie & Chad :: Big Sur Engagement Photos

The folks who call Big Sur home will tell you it's as much a place, as it is a state of mind.  There's no mistaking you're there because you'll cross what I can only describe as an emotional threshhold.  Go a few miles past Carmel, CA, and inevitably you'll get out of the car and find yourself standing at the edge of a 100-foot cliff. It's the only honest way to experience it. The wind is salty and relentless, the ledge is often loose and rocky, and the cell coverage is nonexistent. Your instinct tells you that, should you need it, any help would arrive far too late. It's an intoxicating mashup of visceral reactions — awe, humility, fear.  Big Sur doesn't tolerate carelessness or poor choices. It's a place of fatal beauty.

Author Henry Miller said it best. "Big Sur is the California that men dreamed of years ago, this is the Pacific that Balboa looked at from the Peak of Darien, this is the face of the earth as the Creator intended it to look."

For Julie Mai and Chad Cataylo, it was an adventurous photo session, to say the least, punctuated with an adundance of warmth and graciousness.  Looking forward to the big wedding in October.




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Amazing composition and lighting. Great photography, Kiet !

June 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlex Nguyen

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